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Welcome to Preferred Aircraft Inc., your trusted partner in the dynamic world of aviation. With decades of unparalleled experience, we specialize in providing top-notch marketing and acquisition services for turboprop and jet aircraft, as well as turbine helicopters. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence.

Our team, comprised of industry veterans with extensive experience managing, operating, acquiring, and selling corporate aircraft, brings a wealth of knowledge to every client interaction.

Services we offer:

  • Aircraft Management
  • Acquisition Services
  • Pilot Services
  • Sales

Why Preferred Aircraft Inc. Stands Out

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With a legacy of unmatched experience, sales expertise, and a commitment to excellence in aircraft management, we redefine service standards.

  • Experienced

Decades of hands-on experience make Preferred Aircraft Inc. your trusted partner in aviation. Our seasoned professionals bring extensive knowledge, ensuring unparalleled guidance in aircraft management, acquisition, and sales. Trust our legacy of experience for a journey guided by reliability and a proven track record.

  • Sales Expertise

Preferred Aircraft Inc. offers more than brokerage and acquisition services – our unique advantage as pilots and managers sets us apart. Benefit from practical know-how and a deep understanding of aviation nuances, ensuring you get the utmost value for your aircraft sale or acquisition. Choose us for sales expertise grounded in real-world flying and managerial experience.

  • Management Service

Experience a first-class flying experience with Preferred Aircraft Inc.’s comprehensive management services. From qualified flight crews to meticulous standard operating procedures, we handle every detail, making aircraft ownership worry-free. Focus on your business while we manage everything related to your aircraft mission.

Our Services

Aircraft Management

We provide a turn-key flight department solution for corporate jet owners. Aircraft management services include providing a qualified flight crew for all domestic and international operations, pilot training, implementation of standard operating procedures, flight dispatch (flight planning and weather services, go/no go process, catering arrangements, aircraft stocking), fuel contracts, maintenance tracking, and oversight.

Acquisition Services

We guide you in acquiring the correct new or preowned aircraft. This includes mission analysis to select the appropriate aircraft, aircraft comparison to provide true, unbiased side-by-side aircraft comparison, budgeting for fixed and direct operating costs, and analysis of present and future regulatory compliance to avoid unexpected aircraft or personnel upgrades.

Pilot Services

We provide qualified flight crews to fulfill client mission requirements. Our pilots exceed all FAA requirements, including annual type specific simulator training, and are far more experienced than the industry average. Preferred Aircraft Inc. captains have decades of experience with thousands of flight hours operating jets both domestically and internationally. Flight crews operate under our standard operating procedures, created from industry best practices.


Let us represent you on your next aircraft sale. Services include market research, negotiating a sale agreement, handling prebuy discrepancies and providing proper resolutions, interfacing with the aircraft title company handling the transaction, and ensuring proper recording of sale documents with the FAA.

Excellence In Aviation

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Known for our excellent customer service and reliability, Preferred Aircraft Inc. invites you to soar to new heights in aviation excellence. Experience seamless aircraft management and sales expertise tailored to your needs.

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